Officers and Committee

The Choir has three Officers, who together are responsible for the day-to-day running of the choir.  Their roles are described in the Rules.


Jane Burridge (email: ) was appointed Chairman at the AGM in 2011.  She has been a member of the choir since the 1980s.


Sue Blyth (email: ) has been Secretary since 1987 and Patron Secretary since 1993.


Roy Bexon (email: ) has been Treasurer since 1975 when he took over as a temporary measure!


Salisbury Musical Society has a committee comprising the three officers and six elected members.  All members of the committee are elected for the season at the AGM.  Elected members for the 2016-17 season are:

  • Hilary Brown
  • Jane Podkolinski
  • Les Rose
  • Christa Spencer
  • Nick Stiven
  • Di Verdon-Smith