Home practice aids: Awakening

Nick Stiven has created MP3 rehearsal files for Paul Carr’s work, ‘Awakening’, which, together with the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus, SMS will perform this Summer. The MP3 files are downloadable for free from his personal cloud storage area.

For each movement, there is a separate, labelled, folder (eg ‘Awakening – Carr 1 (Spring Equinox)’). Within each movement’s folder, there are several MP3 files for that complete movement, labelled, eg, ‘Awakening – Spring Equinox (Carr).mp3’. Specific files have suffixes to denote if a particular voice part is emphasised, eg ‘Awakening – Spring Equinox (Carr) – S.mp3’; this means that in this file the Soprano part is emphasised.

If no voice part is mentioned, then no particular voice part has been emphasised.

Each of the four movements has sections in which voice parts are split into an upper and lower part. The first and second movements only have the occasional couple of notes when parts split, eg at the end of a phrase. No specific files have therefore been created for both upper and lower parts for the first or second movements.

The third and fourth movements are another matter entirely, and files have been created for upper and lower voice parts, eg ‘Awakening – Autumn Equinox (Carr) – S1.mp3’ as well as ‘Awakening – Spring Equinox (Carr) – S2.mp3’.

To access the files, click here.

You will be taken to a Box.com cloud storage site. Don’t attempt to Log In or Sign Up – this is neither possible nor necessary. Simply either double-click on a file to play it on your device, or right-click it to reveal a Download command (which you then click on) to save the chosen file to your device for later retrieval and playing. Or you can click on the Down Arrow at the top right hand corner of each folder and download to your device a ZIP file of the folder’s complete contents for later playing.