A Typical Term

There are three terms in our year, each with a concert at the end. They are:

Autumn: September – November

Spring: January – March/April (depending on Easter)

Summer: March/April – June

A typical term will have 10 – 13 rehearsals, followed by a choir-only rehearsal in the Cathedral on the Friday before the concert. A further rehearsal, this time with soloists and orchestra, takes place on the afternoon of the concert. Rehearsals usually take place in South Wilts Grammar School for Girls on Tuesday evenings from 19.30 – 21.30. There is a 15 minute break at about 8.30pm. The rehearsal seating plan will be based on that for the concert itself and will depend on the work(s) to be performed.

In any given term, we may be rehearsing a single major work or a number of smaller ones. Occasionally, we may also rehearse a work for the following term. Ideally, members are expected to attend all rehearsals. We recognise, however, that illness and work commitments sometimes prevent this, though members who miss more than the specified number of rehearsals forfeit their right to sing in the final concert. There is normally a half-term break, timed to coincide with school half-terms.

The Conductor and Committee expect members to familiarise themselves with the music at home, so that rehearsal time can be used for ensemble work and not simply learning the notes.

Occasionally there will be split rehearsals, when one or more parts may split off from the main choir to allow more intensive practice.