How to Join

SMS is a first-rate amateur choir, so you must have an audition to join and a re-audition every five years.  The choir sets a high standard for its members and five-yearly re-auditioning allows the conductor to keep all voices under review.

However, if the thought of an audition is putting you off, why not first come along as a rehearsing member?  Join us at our Tuesday evening rehearsals to sing with us, meet fellow choir members and build up your confidence to audition when you’re ready.  A great opportunity to experience singing with a large choir such as ours with no obligation!  You will not need to pay a subscription until you have passed your audition but of course you won’t be able to sing in the concerts.

When you are ready to take the next step you can arrange an audition.  You will be asked to bring a piece to sing to the conductor, who may also ask you to sing a passage from the work currently in rehearsal.  You will be tested for the quality of your voice and on whether or not you are able to sight read.  (Moderate sight reading ability is preferable but not essential.)  The conductor may also ask you to sing a few scales and to pick out notes from a chord.  You will be told of the outcome within 24 hours.

To book an audition or to join as a rehearsing member please contact Sue Blyth at

If you are successful in your audition you will be expected to pay your subscription, which is currently £130 per season for all members.  If you join during the season you will be charged pro rata.

If you are aged between 16 and 23, why not consider our Youth Award Scheme.