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What should you prepare for the next rehearsal?

6 July 2018

At the rehearsal on Tuesday 4 September we will rehearse Britten: War Requiem

Revise No. 2 Dies irae

Start work on No. 3 Offertorium

What was rehearsed at the last rehearsal?

3 July 2018

At the rehearsal on 3rd July we rehearsed Britten: War Requiem, No. 2 Dies irae

Long Service Awards

19 June 2018

At rehearsal on 19th June certificates were awarded to Jean Briggs (T1) and Jon Hampton (B1) for forty years service to SMS.  Many congratulations and thanks to them both for this outstanding achievement.

Message to the choir from Ann Harries who is retiring from SMS after the Rossini concert

1 June 2018

So long – farewell – auf wiedersehen (but not goodbye!)

I am going to miss you all but the time had come! After fifty years (twenty of those as the only ‘Lady’ tenor) what voice I had is no longer fit-for-purpose and I have become very reluctant to go out at night, especially in the winter!

I joined SMS in 1968 on my first day in Salisbury (rehearsing at the College) and took on the job of Librarian in 1977. (My sister, who has just retired from Henley Choral, described it as “a truly horrible job”.) An average of eleven members had to be chased to return hired copies after every concert!

Eleven years later I swapped Librarian for Chairman, retiring in 2001 after our first marvellous visit to Berlin.

Members of SMS have been lucky that in all that time we have been conducted by musicians of such high calibre, who have inspired us to produce work of high standard and to enjoy both rehearsals and concerts of which many have been outstanding. Peter Grove has been a master accompanist (l shall always remember particularly the Dies Irae from Verdi’s Requiem!) And l would particularly like to thank Sue Blyth for being, throughout my Chairmanship, always at least one
step ahead of me every time in matters secretarial.

So l’m sorry to miss the ‘War Requiem’ (but as a Concert Steward shall volunteer weeks ahead). Thanks for the memories, the friendship and the music. I hope to be around when you celebrate the SMS Centenary in 2023!

Ann Harries

Responses from name change survey

1 June 2018

You can see the responses to the name change survey by clicking the following link:

Responses from Name Change Survey May 9th 2018

Music for future concerts

27 November 2017

The music for the next concert is:

Britten: War Requiem (Boosey & Hawkes edition)


17 November 2017

It’s important that all members help sell tickets to ensure our concerts are well attended. Follow the links to buy tickets online or, for the best tickets, these will continue to be offered first to patrons, and at rehearsals to members.

Ordering and returning music

17 July 2017

Your Librarian is Lindsay Devine.  She is responsible for arranging for the purchase and hire of all music copies for the choir.  She will tell you when music is to be ordered.  If you do not meet her deadline you will have to obtain your own music.