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What should you prepare for the next rehearsal?

12 October 2019

For the rehearsal on 15th October please prepare:

Rutter: Magnificat – Movements 4 & 5

Britten: Saint Nicolas – Movement 9

What was rehearsed at the last rehearsal?

12 October 2019

At the rehearsal on 8th October we rehearsed:

Rutter: Magnificat – Movements 3 & 4

Britten: Saint Nicolas – Movement 8

Stands and Sits – Vivaldi and Haydn

17 June 2019


Beginning: Stand

  1. 20: Sit at end of movement
  2. 27: Stand at end of movement
  3. 31: Sit at end of movement
  4. 36: Stand
  5. 51: Sit at end of movement
  6. 58: Stand



Beginning: Stand

  1. 69: Sit
  2. 72 (no earlier): Stand

2019-2020 Rehearsal Schedule

13 June 2019

Please note that the new rehearsal schedule is now available to download here

The download link can also be found on the Rehearsal Schedule tab together with the SMS calendar and instructions on how to link this to your own digital calendar should you wish to.

Bach and Mozart Stands and Sits

12 March 2019


Stand: From the start

Sit: Bar 26 of movement 2 (FOR THE SECOND TIME)

Stand: 6 bars from the end of movement 6- tenor aria “Jesu, lass durch Wohl und Weh”

(remain standing to the end of the work)


Stand: From the start

Sit: At the end of Gloria

Stand: Bar 198 of Laudamus te

Sit: End of Gratias

Stand: End of Domine

Sit: End of Qui tollis

Stand: Bar 530 of Quoniam

Sit: End of Credo

Stand: At the beginning of Sanctus

Sit: At end of Sanctus–Osanna (bar 61)

Stand: Bar 102 of Benedictus

(remain standing to the end of the work)


12th March – rehearsal venue

11 March 2019

The rehearsal on 12th March will be held at St Thomas’s Church, Salisbury.

Nearest parking is at the Central Car Park.

Change of rehearsal venue on 15th January

8 January 2019

On  15th January we will rehearse in the gym at Salisbury Cathedral School, 1 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EQ.

You may park in the school car park.

Photographs of War Requiem Concert

30 November 2018

Ash Mills took some super photographs of the Saturday afternoon rehearsal and the concert itself.  Some of you may have seen a few on our Facebook page so you know how good they are.  You can view the complete set of photographs by clicking here.

If you would like to buy copies of any of the photographs please follow the instructions Ash’s website.  



War Requiem Audience Figure

13 November 2018

Audience Figure for last Saturday’s War Requiem was circa 830.  This figure is +/- 10 or so as it was extremely difficult to reconcile unreserved tickets sales on the door on the night, and indeed in advance, as these tickets were not numbered.  All reserved seats had been sold in advance.

This is the highest audience figure for an SMS concert since May 2008 (Elgar’s ‘Dream of Gerontius’ –  1013 audience) and May 2009 (Chilcott’s ‘Salisbury Vespers -1400 audience) since my records began in 1997.

Last time SMS performed the War Requiem in April 2006 attracted 585 audience.

John Powell
SMS Ticket Manager

War Requiem Ticket Sales

4 November 2018

Please note that only unreserved seat tickets at £10 are now available for the War Requiem concert which can be obtained from Salisbury Playhouse all other tickets having been sold.

John Powell
SMS Ticket Manager   

Outcome of the EGM regarding the name change on 23 October 2018

23 October 2018

After much discussion and debate over the last few months, a vote was taken as to whether we remain as Salisbury Musical Society, or change to Salisbury Choral Society. Under the terms of the Constitution a 2/3 majority of those voting was required for a change to be carried.

The vote was close, but the results were:-

Remain Salisbury Musical Society – 58 votes

Change to Salisbury Choral Society – 55 votes

This means we will not be changing our name. Thank you to everyone for participating in this important vote.

Responses from name change survey

1 June 2018

You can see the responses to the name change survey by clicking the following link:

Responses from Name Change Survey May 9th 2018

Music for future concerts

27 November 2017

The music for the next concert is:

Britten: War Requiem (Boosey & Hawkes edition)


17 November 2017

It’s important that all members help sell tickets to ensure our concerts are well attended. Follow the links to buy tickets online or, for the best tickets, these will continue to be offered first to patrons, and at rehearsals to members.

Ordering and returning music

17 July 2017

Your Librarian is Lindsay Devine.  She is responsible for arranging for the purchase and hire of all music copies for the choir.  She will tell you when music is to be ordered.  If you do not meet her deadline you will have to obtain your own music.