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Message from John Challenger – and pictures from Mozart rehearsals and concert


Please find below a message from John Challenger following the concert on 25th June.  And some pictures from the dress rehearsals and performance:

Dear SMS members,

Last night’s performance of the Mozart Vespers and Coronation Mass was spectacular. Thank you so much for the hard work, dedication and musicality you have brought to these two great works over the past term. In rehearsals, and in last night’s concert, you have been completely and utterly reliable. The bringing together of so many singers and instrumentalists can be a stressful experience for a conductor, but following Friday evening’s rehearsal I felt totally assured, and that is a huge credit to you. For me there is no greater pleasure than when such forces (voices, orchestra, soloists) are all at one with such joyous music and in such a majestic setting as the cathedral.

So, thank you once again for everything you have done this past term. I would like to thank David for his steady and reassuring support not just of SMS but also of me as a colleague and friend, and also to Sam who covered many of our rehearsals on the piano, as well as playing continuo with such musicality yesterday.

And… thank you all for coming in so confidently with the first note of ‘Dixit’… despite my failure to give you the promised note…

Hoping to see many of you on Tuesday!

Thanks and best wishes to you all,


John Challenger



Date of next rehearsal


Tuesday 6th September at South Wilts Grammar School – 7.30pm 

All rehearsal and concert dates can be found on the calendar on this website.  You will need to log in to access this.  Once logged in, click on the Membership tab, then select Member Services and then select Rehearsal Schedule.  The calendar is at the foot of the page.  The calendar can be synced with your own online calendar if you use one.  Details of how to do this can be found on the same page as the calendar.

What should you prepare for the next rehearsal?


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