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Should you vote for or against changing our name?

19 October 2018

Not sure how to vote at Tuesday’s EGM. Follow the link below to read some unbiased information prepared by the committee to help you decide.

Should you vote for or against changing our name?


What should you prepare for the next rehearsal?

17 October 2018

For the rehearsal on Tuesday 23 October you should prepare Britten: War Requiem, page 19, pages 50-71 and movement 3.

What was rehearsed at the last rehearsal?

17 October 2018

At the rehearsal on 16 October we rehearsed Britten: War Requiem pages 150 to the end, pages 1-13, 20-27, 33-37 and 44-50

David also gave the stands and sits detailed in the attached document.

Name Change – Extraordinary General Meeting 23 October

10 October 2018

An EGM will be held on 23 October to consider whether we should change our name to Salisbury Choral Society. Full details can be found in this email sent to members

Rehearsal being filmed 23 October

10 October 2018

Shane Brennan will be filming at the rehearsal on 23 October to create content for our social media promotion of the Britten concert.

War Requiem Ticket Sales

2 September 2018

Please note that tickets for Members for the War Requiem concert will be on sale at rehearsals with effect from Tuesday 11 September.   Ticket prices for this concert are: reserved seats £35, £30 and £20 and unreserved seats £10.  Tickets also available from the Playhouse Box Office.

Responses from name change survey

1 June 2018

You can see the responses to the name change survey by clicking the following link:

Responses from Name Change Survey May 9th 2018

Music for future concerts

27 November 2017

The music for the next concert is:

Britten: War Requiem (Boosey & Hawkes edition)


17 November 2017

It’s important that all members help sell tickets to ensure our concerts are well attended. Follow the links to buy tickets online or, for the best tickets, these will continue to be offered first to patrons, and at rehearsals to members.

Ordering and returning music

17 July 2017

Your Librarian is Lindsay Devine.  She is responsible for arranging for the purchase and hire of all music copies for the choir.  She will tell you when music is to be ordered.  If you do not meet her deadline you will have to obtain your own music.