Faithfull Bursary Scheme

What is the Faithfull Bursary scheme?

The Faithfull Bursary Scheme offers singers aged between 18 and 29:


1. Free membership of SMS for a year (worth £150).

2. A payment of £150 per season (payable as £50 per term), subject to attendance at rehearsals and the concert, according to the Society’s Rules of the Bursary Scheme.

3. Free music hire.

4. The opportunity for an ongoing Bursary to be considered up until the end of the SMS Season in which they turn 29 years of age.


The Faithfull Bursary has been kindly sponsored by Ann Harries, a former member and chairman of the choir, in memory of her mother, whose maiden names was Faithfull.

How to apply for the Faithfull Bursary

We are looking for people who have basic skills in reading music and have some experience of singing in a choir. Knowledge of choral music is not required: this experience will be gained as a member and there are several on-line training aids available to help learn the music, including performances of choral works via You Tube.

If you would like to get an idea of what is involved before making any commitment, you are very welcome to attend for an evening, or for up to a term, as a Rehearsing Member. This would be on an unpaid basis.

If you wish to apply for the Bursary Scheme, we will ask you to attend a short voice test with the Conductor. This will take about 10 minutes and will enable the Conductor to hear your voice and to decide to which voice part you would be most suited. Please bring with you a short piece of music that you enjoy singing. There is no set piece of music; you should come with a favourite song, hymn or aria. Please bring two copies of the music – one for you and one for the Conductor, who will play the piano alongside you. There will also be a simple sight-reading and aural test. Please see a demonstration of what is involved on our website.

If you would like to talk to us about the Bursary Scheme or to find out more about the choir, please contact our Membership Secretary.

Please find an application form in the link below. Please complete this application form in black ink, scan a copy and send this attached to an email to the Membership Secretary. Alternatively, you can complete an on-line application form from the website.


We hope to inspire you to join us to sing wonderful music, in an amazing venue, to a professional level of performance. Please get in touch – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.