Become a Patron

Patrons are non-singing members of the Society and are an invaluable source of moral and financial support. As a patron you receive priority booking to our concerts, can attend rehearsals (but only to listen), are invited to the Annual General Meeting, and are invited to Society functions, such as the annual social event in late June/early July.

There are two types of patron:

Life patron

An individual makes a one-off payment, currently at least £400. Taxpayers are invited to complete a Gift Aid form so that the Society can reclaim the tax paid – equivalent to about £100.


Patrons pay annually, currently at least £30 per patron per year. Again we ask them, where possible, to complete a Gift Aid form so that we can reclaim a further £7.50 or so. There is no maximum annual payment and some of our patrons are indeed very generous in their support.

We would like to thank all our patrons.

To become a patron please contact Patrons’ Secretary, Sue Blyth on 01722 500541 or e-mail her at