Covid-19 Policy for Members

Current Precautions for Rehearsals

1. Chairs will be set out further apart than before the pandemic. Ventilation will be increased. Please make use of the space available.

2. Although social mingling is now allowed, do maintain an appropriate distance. We suggest 1 metre as a minimum.

3. For those at higher risk there will be chairs placed at the back of the hall, please give these members plenty of space.

4. Mask wearing while talking face to face is recommended.

5. Please use hand-sanitiser when you arrive at rehearsals. This will be available at the entrance.

6. Please do not come to rehearsals if you feel unwell.

7. Please take a lateral flow test before coming to rehearsals, and we expect you to stay away if the test is positive.

8. Be particularly careful to keep away from others if you have not been fully vaccinated.

This is a society run by volunteers. We trust you all to observe these precautions. There will always be some risk, and we must mitigate this as far as possible.