Re-auditions & Local Singing Teachers


The choir sets a high standard for its members and 5-yearly re-auditioning allows the conductor to keep all voices under review. The re-audition is similar to the joining audition, though instead of singing a piece of your own choice, you will be tested on the work then in rehearsal. The passage(s) for re-audition will be advertised well in advance.  Please note you will not be required to complete sight reading for the re-audition

There are three possible outcomes from re-audition:

Green – you have been successful and may stay in the choir for the next five years.

Amber – you will be required to have another re-audition after TWO years. You are recommended to take steps to improve your chances of success through voice coaching before your re-audition.

Red – your voice is not up to standard and you must leave at the end of the current season, though if you wish you may have private coaching and re-apply for another audition.

The result of your re-audition will be given to you within 24 hours.

Re-Auditions: Spring Term 2024

Re- auditions for members who are due one, will take place in January and February 2024. If you are not sure whether you are due for your re-audition, you can check this on the SMS website. Please log in to your personal account on the SMS website, where you will find this information. If you cannot remember how to do this, or have forgotten your password, please seek help and advice from Les Rose, SMS IT Manager (Tenor 1). If any of your personal details needs to be updated, including your email address and contact telephone number, please let me know.

The dates for the Re-Auditions have not yet been set but will be arranged during the Autumn Term. If you will not be available at all during the Spring Term, please let me know.

I will contact you directly by email to let you know that you are due for your audition. I will give you details of the dates, location, and the process by which you can book your re-audition time slot. Before the end of the Autumn term, you will also be given details of the music that you will need to prepare.

All communication will be by email. There will be no announcements at rehearsals. For this reason, it is vital that you:

  • Check that your email address is correct.
  • Make sure that my email address is added to your contact list and is not blocked.
  • Check your Junk Box regularly.

With my thanks

Carole Bexon (Sop 2)

SMS Membership Secretary



For those wishing to enhance their singing skills, prepare for audition/re-audition or simply want to learn more about singing, please click here for information about local singing teachers.