The choir sets a high standard for its members and 5-yearly re-auditioning allows the conductor to keep all voices under review.

The re-audition is similar to the joining audition, though instead of singing a piece of your own choice, you will be tested on the work then in rehearsal. The passage(s) for re-audition will be advertised well in advance.

There are three possible outcomes from re-audition:

Green – you have been successful and may stay in the choir for the next five years.

Amber – you will be required to have another re-audition after TWO years. You are recommended to take steps to improve your chances of success through voice coaching before your re-audition.

Red – your voice is not up to standard and you must leave at the end of the current season, though if you wish you may have private coaching and re-apply for another audition.

The result of your re-audition will be given to you within 24 hours.

Some members have asked what music will be chosen as the passages for the Jan/Feb re-auditions. Here they are:

From Elgar’s The Dream of Gerontius (Novello score)
P12-14 (rehearsal numbers 30-32)
P16-23 (rehearsal numbers 35-40)