Part Reps

The Salisbury Musical Society has a number of part representatives. Their role is:

  • to welcome new members and ensure that they know ‘the nuts and bolts’ – who is the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Librarian, how music is ordered, where the other rehearsal locations are, etc
  • to get to know all the singers in their section
  • to ensure that new members are introduced to people and have somewhere to sit – which may mean sitting with them for a few weeks, until they get to know others
  • to assist the Librarian, if asked, by making sure everyone in the relevant part has signed music order sheets
  • to carry out the duties assigned to them as part of the choir’s fire procedure
  • to act from time to time on behalf of the committee on specific issues e.g. encouraging members to attend social functions
  • to act as a sounding board for members who may not know who the Committee members are, and to bring matters forward to the Committee as necessary
  • to keep an eye on those who miss rehearsals to see if there is a particular reason or problem

Part representatives are appointed annually by selection from the singers involved (who can vote, elect by popular acclaim, draw lots or whatever suits them). This should preferably be done before the AGM, with the chosen representatives confirmed formally at the AGM.

A committee member may be appointed as a part representative, but part representatives will not automatically become members of the committee. An officer of the committee may not be a part representative.

The part reps are:

Sue HarrisFirst sopranossueharris450@btinternet.com01722 410450
Carole BexonSecond 326047
Kate HendersonFirst 790388
Sonia WoolleySecond altossonia.woolley@virgin.net01722 333485
Les RoseTenorslesrose1959@gmail.com01722 322945
Andy HalesBassessalisbury.sheetmusic@halleonardeurope.com01980 653358